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Amazing Facts about the Science of Falling in Love

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Simple attraction and love are a totally different thing. When you are attracted to someone because he is handsome or because she is beautiful, it doesn’t mean that it is “love” for that special someone. However, simple attraction can lead to “love”. There had been a lot of cases wherein someone just simply attracted and then later, he or she fell in love with that someone. Did you know that there is a scientific explanation regarding this? You will be greatly amazed for sure!

Did you know that there are some important parts in the brain that helps each of us to feel affection toward others? Some of you might think that “affection” is only felt by the heart. Actually, the brain is responsible for the development of love.

Then, what are these parts of the brain that helps us in the development of love toward others?


Instead of saying “I love you from the bottom of my heart”, its actually more proper to say “I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus”. Do you know the reason? It’s because this part of the brain produces dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. All of these are very important in the process of falling in love.

Pituitary Gland

This part of the brain helps in the regulatory of hormones that helps in the development of feelings such as love and also secretes them into the body.

Hippocampus, Medial Insula, Anterior Cingulate

These are the three important parts of the brain that are responsible in the development of love.


While this part of the brain helps to moderate “fear and stress”.

Romance Novels vs. Romantic Movies

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Most of the teenagers or young adults are fond of reading and watching. What are the books that they usually read? What are the movies that they usually watch? One of the best-seller book is the romance novel. Both male and female teenagers and young adults visit the bookstores to check for the latest copy of books. There are quite a lot of good writers with good stories. Readers would definitely choose the book written by the romance novelist that they love.

Since teenagers and young adults are in the age of being attracted to someone very easily, they are also the ones who usually read romance novels or watch romantic movies. Why? In the romance novels or any romantic movies, the hero or heroine is almost perfect. It seems like he or she is a perfect ideal guy or girl.

But, it’s time to wake up from your daydreaming. Most of the events written or filmed are just purely imagination. For someone, it may happen in real life. However, it is almost impossible! Reality is more important that just an imagination. Of course, it’s not bad to have your almost-perfect-guy or girl. But, in reality, we are all lacking in many things.

The most important thing to do when you fell in love to someone is “understanding and acceptance”. For you to have an almost- perfect-relationship, show that you understand, accept, love, and care for each other. Don’t be stuck by the romance novels or romantic movies that you are reading or watching. It’s important to face the reality!